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We revolutionise the way people think about data and growth. We consult to help small-to-medium sized companies understand and leverage data as among their most important strategic assets.

There is certainly a lot of discussion in the Australian business community by government around our need as a nation to become an “ideas country”. We agree with this need and believe that this is especially important for small and medium business who in our experience don’t really know where to start.

That is why our innovation approach is centred around getting clients out of the “now” and looking at the “what’s possible” using a start-up mentality. That is why we take our clients through a journey of innovation in two of the leading start-up communities in Victoria: the York Butter Factory in King Street Melbourne and The Hive in Gheringhap Street in Geelong .

But we understand that technology-led innovation shouldn’t operate in isolation in a business and needs to be part of an overall change programme. That is why we have teamed up with G2Innovation to provide our clients with an end-to-end service, to make sure innovation is inbuilt into their business.

Relevant Experience

Industry Body

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We worked with a not-for-profit company that provides national, integrated research and development services to the Australian forest and wood products industry. 

The presenting problem was that while there is data-driven decision making in many of the supply chain participants, there is little collaborative sector-wide data-driven innovation.  There is a belief that greater end-to-end supply chain collaboration with regards to data sharing can provide improved profits for participants, value in terms of opportunity identification and improved sustainability in the long term for all.

To look into this opportunity, we undertook an industry pilot that looked at key data sets, both existing and possible in the future, within a Milling operating plant and identified opportunities for using data-driven decision making within the mill and up and down stream in the supply chain. 

The outcomes from the pilot proved that there are significant data-sharing opportunities that may be facilitated by the industry representative body, extending their current role.  However, it needs to be done with a high degree of sensitivity and confidentiality to ensure participants gain the benefits from the sharing whilst at the same time importantly do not erode their market competitiveness.  Further research with Mills, Plantations and Wholesalers/Retailers is in progress to consolidate the learning from the Pilot and implement many of the key recommendations in terms of data sharing.  Specific data-driven opportunities with the Mill from the Pilot are being worked on in partnership to continue their market-leading innovative position.