Strategy and Performance

The business environment has never been more competitive. The need to be smarter, faster and more agile than your competitors is a challenge all small and medium businesses face. We believe that the key to success for business in this environment is to innovate using technology, in particular, to think and operate like a start-up.

This is why we have created the Vixier four-week Commercial Assessment process where we bring together Finance, Data Science and Entrepreneurs from the start-up community (including those in IoT) to help business understand what is possible in their business, when we challenge the status-quo from these three perspectives. Of course, any strategy change needs to be linked to business performance and that is why we are committed as part of the commercial assessment to ensuring there is a positive financial outcome i.e. profit-driven actions.

Relevant Experience

ASX 200 Company

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This client identified that the business and its operating environment had changed significantly in recent years, resulting in the ICT business no longer meeting the current and future needs.   

The project brief was to transform the multiple global ICT teams so that they align to the Business Strategy and effectively enable the achievement of strategic business objectives.

The project identified that inaction or deferring ICT transformation was not an option and that transforming ICT was critical for enabling the client business strategy and profit objectives.  The project identified a roadmap for senior management and board in defining go forward organisation structure for ICT and implementation plan and timetable for further transformation steps.